Cravings control strategy

Are CRAVINGS getting in the way of your weight loss results? Do you end up eating more than you were planning to eat because you can’t control your cravings?

So today we’re taking a deep dive into something that has a HUGE IMPACT on how you feel … your energy … your health & wellness … and your results!

It’s all about what you FEED your body – and that means your food choices and if you are really able to make your food choices!

You might be trying to lose body fat, boost your energy levels to feel better about yourself and what you see in the mirror.

No matter what your goal, your results are tied to WHAT YOU EAT.

AND … if you’ve been struggling with cravings for food you are not supposed to, there may be a good reason for it!

Frankly, the deck is stacked against us in our food choices these days.

That’s because many food manufacturers create products that lead us to crave MORE of those foods.

I’m talking about ULTRA-PROCESSED FOODS.

That’s stuff like chips, ice cream, sweetened granola bars, cookies, white bread, and so much more!

Honestly, I even hate to call some this items “food” …  because manufacturers take whole-food ingredients and strip them of their good-for-you components like fiber.

Then, they add other ingredients like sugar, artificial flavors, excess salt, and unhealthy fats to make them appeal to our taste buds.

Food scientists say that these foods are addictive!

It’s a double-whammy.

Because not only do you crave MORE of them, but they don’t do you any favors for your health. Because they’re high in calories and low in nutrients.

It can feel like a vicious cycle. But the good news is, you can break this cycle!

The first step is to become AWARE of what you’re eating and how you feel when those cravings strike.

Just as an example, for me personally, I know that when I eat a chip I immediately want more of it … until the bag is empty.

It happens every time.

Here’s a solid strategy to help you break the loop: 


It doesn’t have to be fancy! You can write in a paper journal or use an app if that’s easier for you.

Focus on the five W’swho, what, where, when, and why, WHY is very important — as well as how you feel after you eat. Make sure you pay attention to any cravings you have before, during, and after.

I think you might be surprised to see just how closely your cravings track back to eating ultra-processed foods! I really think that you absolutely need to understand yourself better if you want to lose weight permanently.

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Cravings control strategy

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