Flat Tummy 3-Day Challenge. Step 1

If you are ready to say goodbye to those extra pounds you are carrying around, you must get ready to change your eating habits and add some exercises to the daily routine. You will be surprised how easy those steps are with my program.

As you probably know, in order to lose weight, your food must contain lots of nutrients and less sugar. You will receive an email with the diet recommendations on the third day of the Flat Tummy Challenge.

There are lots of variations for the exercise available right now. I believe in baby steps that bring amazing results. For that reason, I recommend a very Simple Spinal Stretch (SSS), that you can do without any effort. SSS induces weight loss, helps shrink your waist line up to an inch per session, relieve lower back pain and straighten your back.

SSS is based on traditional medicine and was made popular by a Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi. The science behind it is that any extra layer of fat around the belly is basically a result of misplacement of your pelvis. The exercise corrects the pelvis placement, which automatically results in a slimmer waistline.

Although this exercise is very safe, if you suffer from any serious back issues make sure to use your best judgment and consult your doctor before attempting it.

Irina Cazazaeva

Health & Wellness Coach

SSS combined with specially designed Mind-Body Connection Meditation is a miracle solution against stress eating and poor body architecture. Listening to the Mind-Body Connection Meditation will help you relax. The adrenal glands slow the production of cortisone – a stress hormone that plays a major role in weight gain. Your brain starts developing pleasure hormones that help burn excess body fat.


Special phrases help to turn your endocrine system into fat-burning mode and activate your good self-care behavior during the day.


Here are the instructions for Simple Spinal Stretch:

Take out five to ten minutes of your time every day to do this exercise. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, you need to roll a medium-size towel.
  2. Sit on a comfortable yoga mat or very firm bed, with your legs stretched out in front. The distance between both feet should be 8-10 inches. Now, place the rolled towel behind your back.
  3. Lay down on the floor in a straight position with the towel placed under your waist.
  4. Bring your toes close to each other while maintaining the distance between the heels. Basically, your feet should be positioned like a triangle pointing upwards.
  5. Lift your arms over your head, almost touching the floor. Join your pinky fingers. The stretch you want to achieve is now complete. 
  6. Your body will almost be arched like an inverted boat. 
  7. Relax, breath deeply, listen to the Mind-Body Connection Meditation staying in this position for about five to ten minutes.
  8. You might feel a burning sensation or slight pain at the beginning which eases with practice.
  9. To exit the exercise roll off the towel to your side and stay for about a minute. Then stand up carefully.

Do it once a day, and you notice that your back is improving and your waistline is shrinking.

3Day Flat Tummy Challenge Step 1 Action Task:

Do the Simple Spinal Stretch while listening to the Mind-Body Connection Meditation and let me know how you feel after the practice. Post a comment on the Hollywood Body Facebook page.

Will love,